About Receiving Christ …

Have You Received Christ? Possibly YES If

  1. You truly respect Him (which means you know enough about him to be impressed).
  2. You work to learn about Him, get to know Him.
  3. You practice His attitudes – towards others, and yourself.
  4. You make it your business to let His teaching interfere with your ongoing life.
  5. You speak with Him privately in prayer.

Have You Received Christ? Possibly NO If

  1. You think about Him seldom or never.
  2. You don’t really care what He thinks about your choices, or lifestyle.
  3. You see Him mostly as a critic or interferer with you, what you like or do.
  4. You put no real effort into understanding Him and His teaching.
  5. You just don’t do what He says.
  6. You think of Him as someone to manipulate.



Michael Green tells of a somewhat shocking insight that came to him one day (in Who Is This Jesus? – a really helpful little book).

“He is still around! I still recall the force with which this stuck me at the time I was beginning to become a disciple of his.”

“If he rose [from death], he must be alive. If he is alive, why should I not meet with him?” [p 107]

Yes, why not?


Jesus of Nazareth: the Christmas baby, victim of the Good Friday murder, the Easter morning Victor, the 1-Man Emergency Rescue Team from God.

Christ: the Designated Hitter with all clout in heaven and earth, the One who will someday be worshipped by all, the Designated Driver chosen to bear our sins and bring our forgiveness and show us a better way, He who said we should follow Him, “the Way, the Truth, and the Life,” the One Thomas called “My Lord and My God”.

That One! You can receive Him.

This is a very big deal – but it’s also a pretty simple action, available to all of us. So if you haven’t, you can – and I think you should!


“Did he not say, ‘Come to me all you who struggle and are weighed down, and I will give you rest’? Yes, he would welcome you … ‘Come, follow me.’ And you would start to do just that.” So says Michael Green.

Choose to follow this Christ.

It turns out, though the decision may be hard to make or even frightening, when you’re looking back on it, it looks like a really smart move. Though it may seem you can never pull it off, and sometimes it is hard work, once into it you find it very fulfilling and bringing much more hope and joy than you’d found before.


“This is where faith comes in. You gamble on there being someone there (and it is like betting on a certainty because this is … the historical Jesus who lived and died and rose again).”

So Michael Green suggests a prayer:

“You say to him in your own words something like this:”

“Jesus I am amazed that you should bother about me and love me and want me to be your friend and disciple. I know that there is a lot in my life that needs cleaning up. Please come and do it. I still have lots of questions that bother me, but I lay them all before you in the tangle that they are. I do believe that you went to the cross for me, to deal with my guilty past. And I do believe that you are alive again. You invite people to come to you. And I’m coming. I’m coming now.”


And here are two pretty important promises from Jesus’ own words:

“The one who comes to me I will never throw out,” and
“I am with you always, even to the end of the world.”

As Michael Green says, “Yes, he would welcome you.”