[These prayers are based on the 5 Advent Candles we light in the weeks before Christmas.]

God’s promises to our ancestors came true when Jesus was born. So there is hope. Because of Christ we can believe that good is stronger than evil. So God asks us, in hope, to work for good in this world.
O God, we thank you that Jesus brought hope into our world. By the good news of the Gospel you are still bringing hope to people. Help us to be ready to welcome Jesus Christ into our lives daily so that we may go around doing good as He did, showing hope and bringing hope to others. Amen.

There is much turmoil and distress in our world, and sometimes in our own lives. Jesus, called the “Prince of Peace,” told us that in this world we would have trials – but that he has overcome and in him we can live in peace. His presence with us brings peace day by day.
Eternal God, we thank you that, through all the years, you have given peace to your people. Help us to have your peace in our lives. We pray that, in this advent season, we may, by what we do, show your presence to those around us so that they too may have peace. Amen.

There is much love in our world, and there is need for much more. Christmas reminds us that God comes to us in love through Jesus Christ, to each of us and to all of us, and God can fill us with love for all humankind.
Loving God, we thank you that Jesus shows your love for every person – babies and old people, sick and healthy, rich and poor, those like us and those unlike us. Come and give us love in our hearts for all persons. Amen.

In our world there is much anger, brokenness, and sorrow. Still, we can worship God with joy because of the Eternal Father’s love brought to us in Jesus. Jesus’ goal is that “My joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.”
O Lord, as Christmas draws near, we can feel a certain happiness around us. Still, there is a lot of sadness as well. Help us to have the joy that does not depend upon earthly happiness but upon Your eternal love. Help us to be filled with Your joy, and help us also spread it around. Amen.

People all over the world are celebrating Christ, especially this month. Jesus Christ is the greatest gift. He makes all these other gifts – hope, peace, love, and joy – possible.
We thank you, God, for your gift of Jesus Christ to the whole world. We thank you that his coming makes hope, peace, love, and joy possible for every person in every nation. Encourage us to do our part to bring love and peace – Christ Himself – to our families, our churches, our neighborhoods, and the world.
May we see the living Lord in the words and music, lights and celebrations of this Advent season. Amen.