in God’s new economy,

the “Kingdom of God”.

Everyone is welcome!

We meet together

not to be better than anyone else,

but because we are strengthened

by the fellowship.


Come as you are.

The Gospel is about welcome.

Time’s A-Passing.

Are You Doing What Matters Most to You?

First Baptist Church   –   401 North Lincoln Ave, Hastings, NE 68901

Worship   –   Sunday 10:45

This Sunday Nov 18,
a Conversation Sermon
by Pastors Andy and Larry
Luke 17:11-19.
Only One Was Thankful



AUDIO for Aug 19th’s Conversation Sermon is online HERE.

Every Sunday, 9:30am: Adult Bible Discussion in the “Library”.

Love Is Not the ability to prove everyone else wrong … What they failed to tell you is that being right is not the same as being good; being right is not the way, the truth, and the life. And being wrong cannot make Him leave you. I promise. He was never gone. So follow me, all prodigal daughters and sons. We are not the worst things we have ever done. We are not our doubts. We are loved ones … emilyjoypoetry


4 Crucial Facts

  1. There is Beauty Everywhere
  2. Everything is Damaged
  3. God Comes to Us in Costly Grace
  4. God is Building His Kingdom

8 Laws of Spiritual Life

  • Your Mind is the Secret to Your Transformation
  • Confession is Good for You
  • Love and Worship God
  • Use the Bible Often, But Carefully
  • Love, Serve
  • Accept Christ / Receive Jesus
  • Practice Forgiveness
  • Don’t Be Afraid of Repentance

Key American Baptist Concerns

We are probably not your grandparents’ Baptist church.


The Bible, mostly written by masters of the spiritual life, is a great source of spiritual direction and coaching.


We come for spiritual nourishment; and we provide it for each other.  But we get good potlucks too!

Here Since 1873

Founded in pioneer days, in Hastings’ infancy, we are becoming new. Here is some of our history.


Freedom of Conscience

We care a lot about truth, and realism.  But we have no “Statement of Faith” or required “Creed.”  This preserves freedom for individual understanding and reduces room for manipulation and control.

Separation of Church and State

We believe it’s dangerous for religious leaders to control government.  This is a long-standing conviction, even older than the US Constitution. Of course we want good and spiritual people to be in high positions. But we do not require religious agreement for that, nor do we try to use law or government to enforce our perspectives.


Why do we have “membership”? How does it work? As a non-profit religious corporation, licensed under the laws of the State of Nebraska, our members, in congregational business meetings, have the final say in major decisions of church life.  [Click the chain links above for more information about membership.]